RSPCA ACT has just celebrated their 61st birthday at their current location in Weston Creek. Just as they have done at the beginning of their organisation’s history, they continue to help, protect and advocate for better welfare for animals in our local community.

Imagine a community free of animal neglect. A community free of animal cruelty. A community where all animals have the best chance at finding a home or being returned to the wild where they belong. RSPCA ACT lives this dream every day. Every companion animal is given a chance at finding a home. Every native animal is given a chance to be returned to the wild.

Next year RSPCA ACT anticipates that about 5,000 animals will come through their Shelter. They will answer 2000 animal cruelty complaints, prepare 300,000 meals, clean 125,000 kennels and cages, desex thousands of companion animals, walk a staggering 20,000kms exercising dogs, and possibly prosecute 15 to 20 owners for animal cruelty and neglect.

The challenge is big, the numbers are bigger, but rest assured that RSPCA ACT stands ready to meet this demanding workload with your help. You can be proud in the knowledge that your RSPCA Shelter has an extraordinary team of staff and volunteers that ensure that they have one of the best animal welfare statistics in the country as NO animals are euthanised there because of lack of space.

RSPCA ACT is the only animal shelter in the greater Canberra community, and all funds raised through the 24 Hour Paddle Challenge will help them continue to make a significant difference to the lives of animals in our local area.