Over the course of the weekend you will see many different types of boat and the variety increases each year. The fastest and most competitive paddlers will general be competing in one of the internationally types of racing craft.  Here are a few types of boats you will see over the weekend.

Racing Canoes and Kayaks

C1, C2 K1 and K2 are boats recognised as being the fastest type of craft and their specifications and determined by the ICF ( International Canoe Federation) and are uniform through the world.  They have specified minimum and maximum lengths, K boats may have a rudder, C boats cannot.


Touring Canoes and Kayaks

TC1, TC2, TK1 and TK2.  The specifications for these canoes and kayaks are as approved by the marathon Committee of Australian Canoeing.  They have a minimum and maximum lengths plus a minimum waterline beam.  TK craft are permitted a trailing rudder but TC boats may not have a rudder.


Recreational Classes

SRec1, SRec2, MRec1, MRec2, LRec1 and LRec2.  There are a number of variations in the recreational boat classes but they are divided into short, medium and long for competition purposes with defined maximum and minimum lengths and beams.  Short recreation are not permitted to have a rudder. All others are permitted rudders.


Ocean Skis

OS1 and OS2 are craft designed for open water racing.  They are a sit on top kayak of varying lengths and widths.


Surf Skis or Spec Skis

SS1 and SS2 craft are regulated by specifications laid down by Surf Life Saving Association.  


Out Rigger Canoes

OC1, OC2, and OC6 are regulated by specifications laid down by the Australian Outrigger Canoe Racing Association Incorporated (AOCRA).


Stand-Up Paddle Boards

Stand Up Paddle Boards use a surf style board and a long paddle. There are three basic classes of stand up paddleboards

  • Unlimited. Unlimited boards are over 14 foot long. Unlimited boards are not permitted in the competitive SUP team category.

  • Race Boards. Race boards are either 14foot or 12foot six inches in length.

  • Recreation Boards. These boards look like oversized surfboards. The are normally very agile but don't have the speed of a race board.