Event Hub Rules

The event hub will be held on the bank of the Molonglo River at the BGCC clubhouse, and competitors and supporters will be able to set up recovery shelters on designated grassed areas.  The following rules and restrictions have been implemented for the safety, security and enjoyment of all competitors. 

  • The event site is strictly a smoke free zone.  A designated smoking area will be located at the rear of the club-house.

  • No caravans or camper trailers are permitted in the camping/recovery area.

  • No Vehicles are permitted in the camping/recovery areas at any time during the event.

  • Access to the site  will be available from 8:00am on Saturday 3 December to allow for the set-up of recovery shelters (tents).

  • With the exception of administration staff, no camping will be permitted on Friday night.
  • Only the area zoned for camping and recovery areas will be used.  Camping under trees is not permitted for safety reasons. 

  • A public bike path runs through the event site.  Designated bike crossing points will be set up, and all entrants are to use care when crossing the bike path.  

Transition Area

The transition area is for storage of craft while not in use and where the current team paddler completes their lap and hands over to a new paddler.

The full layout of this area is being finalised. A map will be provided shortly.


  • Vehicles will only be permitted in the designated car park with the exception of safety vehicles.
  • No vehicles, with the exception of emergency vehicles, will be allowed to the camping/recovery area (not even to drop off or pick-up equipment).

  • Parking will be reserved for Emergency and Race Admin Vehicles.

  • A number of parking spots will be made load and unload boats to the transition area.

  • With the exception of the administration van, first aid van and food vendors there will be absolutely no caravans, or camper trailers permitted in the recovery shelter areas, or the car park.